The Barrowlands - Redesign

Inspired by my love of live music, I decided to work on my own personal project of redesigning the Barrowlands branding and online marketing.
Ensuring to maintain the Barrowlands iconic typography, and star patterns; I designed some concert tickets, wristbands and social media marketing posts. 
I predominantly took inspiration from the interior and exterior of the Barrowlands. To compliment the Barrowlands recognisable logo with the curved  type-based logo and shooting stars, I used the font 'Fenwick' to add a modern feeling to the new branding. 
When I attend a concert, I always feel so mesmerised by the bold lights. The colour palette for this project was inspired by the lights, as well as the recognisable interior or the Barrolands. Additionally, I included some small design elements to make  the branding more visually interesting. This includes a diamond, circle and star. These shapes are used throughout the various designs. 

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