Point of You

Point of You was founded in July 2021 by Imogen Leonard and I. It is an online inspiring magazine and creative community for she/they creatives.
Our goal is to support and celebrate those in the creative industries. The magazine features women/trans/non-binary individuals in the creative industries, through interviews and articles, the features share their story and work, in hope to inspire others.
We are here to empower she/they creatives to believe that they can achieve their ultimate goals.
In 2020, I initiated a project titled the HerStory magazine, which consisted of 40+ female artists from all around the world and different areas in the creative industry, including - photographers, graphic designers, dancers, performers and the list goes on. Through a series of interviews, I gathered everyone’s artworks and their stories together and presented them in a 144 page magazine, which was created and designed by myself. From the magazine, the aim was to spread creative courage and inspire others, as well as emphasising the sense of community. 

Since finishing this project, I felt incredibly fulfilled creating a community which inspired me, and inspired one-another, and I knew I wanted to work on something similar in the future
After graduating university in 2021 and feeling creatively unfulfilled with the pandemic and no  creative briefs to work on, it seemed like the perfect time on create a new platform. I approached my friend, ImogenLeonard, who was in the same boat as me, and asked if she wanted to co-own a creative platform with me. From there, we then went on several Starbucks meetings, combined creative skills and then Point of You was born. 

We got in touch with our favourite she/they creatives asking if they would be interested in featuring and since then the platform has flourished - featuring creatives such as Katy Cowan, the founder of Creative Boom,  Jorja Taylor, Pickle Illustration  and many others.
If you are interested in following along with Point of You, who we feature and what we get up to you can check out our website and follow our social medias 👉🏻

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